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Private Tour 2 Full Days Plus Wine Experience To Leiria Batalha Fátima Alcobaça Tomar Nazaré Óbidos And Other Secret Places (Porto de mós Village, caves (if you wish), Nazaré, São Martinho do Porto, Foz do Arelho, Óbidos (we will walk inside of the walls and take some amazing pictures) and other secret places, like unknown beaches, lagoons, cities with some amazing things to see, that other Tours won’t show it to you.

This will be an amazing 2 days tour (8 to 10 hours per day). In this tour we will see the most amazing places, known and secret ones in a way never seen.

I will drive for more than 400 km around this region, while I show you as if you were a local.

*Wine experience not available on Mondays.

Things to read before booking:

  • Customers will have this tours available in: English, Spanish or Portuguese.
  • Customers can expect a scheduled to start around 8.30/9 AM, depending on pick up place. The duration will be 7/8 hours;
  • This private tour will take place in the West Region of the Center of Portugal, in Leiria district, from the litoral coast to the interior of this region.
  • Customers will get to know litoral coast between Óbidos and S. Pedro de Moel with loads of amazing beaches with stunning views, and going to the interior of this region, making stops in different small villages and cities, like Marinha Grande (beautiful gardens, museums representing the industry of the glass and moulds), São Pedro de Moel (where we can relax and take small walks by the sea), Burinhosa (customers can see an amazing structure that represents the history of this region and we can see some donkey and horses in a small zoo), Pataias (lagoon), Leiria (city center and the amazing castle), walking by the river, Batalha (the monastery visit), Fátima (Sanctuary, caves (if you wish), and some rural small villages, Tomar (Christ Convent), public places around the river, and so many other places.
  • If we still have time we can make a few stops in other closed by places.
  • We will for sure get to know a few cultural places, that show a bit of the Portuguese and this specific regions history.
  •  I (Diogo) will be your driver  with a maximum of 8 travellers + me. (more than 4 travellers must book with more days in advance. Ask me first)
  • We can make stops for small walkings, and to eat some pastries and coffees.
  • If customers have kids, we will make a few stops in some playgrounds so that you can relax.


  • The entrances to the monuments/museums and other paid places are not included.
  • Lunch and other meals are not included. You can choose to have a full meal, or to have some picnic in some natural place. You can ask me about this on the day, or before the booking process.
  • Hotels are NOT included – I will pick you up at your hotel.

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Day 1

Plan for this day 1

We can start from many cities around this lovely region. This is just an example, it can be changed and updated If we start in Leiria/Marinha Grande/Batalha: - Leiria - get to know the city and the best spots - Batalha - Visit to the monastery: if you want I'll go with you inside, but I won't give you the specifications of the history, only some tips and things I know; We will also discover a secret bridge from the ancients; - Alcobaça - City of Love: Monastery, castle and the city center; - Fátima - Sanctuary, Caves around (if you wish so - price not included), Local village Pia do Urso; - Tomar - We will visit the Christ Convent, the city center, by walk. - Serras de Aire e Candeeiros (Porto de Mós village, castle; lagoons, with amazing views); - If we have more time we will visit more places; - Back to Hotel

Day 2

Plan for this day 2

We can start from many cities around this lovely region. This is just an example, it can be changed and updated If we start in Leiria/Marinha Grande/Batalha: - We will go to direction Leiria - Marinha Grande - sightseeing - Hidden secret place between Marinha Grande and São Pedro de Moel - Stop for pictures; - São Pedro de Moel village - stop to see the ocean and to get to know the small square and it's secrets; - Pedra Do Ouro, Polvoeira, Paredes da Vitória Beach; - Burinhosa small village - Pataias Small Village - Nazaré - Secret places between Nazaré and São Martinho do Porto - São Martinho do Porto - Foz do Arelho Beach - Óbidos - If we have time, other places around; - Back to hotel or starting point.
  • Insurances (this tours have the insurances requested by the Portugal Tourism and Government in order to make this tours);
  • Me as your: travel companion driver and best friend;
  • Water bottle in case you forgot yours, so you can be hydrated;
  • In some occasions you might have some cookies or cake to try;
  • Wine Experience.
  • Main meals;
  • Other extras not mentioned in tours description:  like monuments, caves, museum entrances;
  • Other expenses during the tour:  like pastries, drinks, or snacks;
  • Kids chair for car (you must bring your own safe children chair).

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