When you are using  this website to book your tour with me, you will have 2 options of buying the regular tours: 1- You can choose to pay 25% of the full amount and you must pay the remain 75% before the start of the experience with me in cash. 2- You can pay the full 100% of the tour when you book here. You can use your Paypal account (Credit / Debit Card) to pay.

If you request a personalised tour you must pay the full amount before the day chosen, through our website, or following the steps I’ll give to you after we reach an agreement about all your demands for the personalised tour. 

IMPORTANT: The payments will only be charged from your account/cards after I confirm the availability of the tours for the specific date you have chosen. 

Booking/Reservations Confirmations

I, Diogo Santos reserve the right to cancel any booking whose payment has not been made regarding the previous instructions mentioned above.

Booking confirmations are only considered as CONFIRMED after the payments are made, and after an email confirmation has ben sent to you confirming this.


The prices showed at this website are subject to changes during different seasons of the year.

If you have made a booking before the changes happened, the price you paid remains the same. In exceptions we will inform you about this changes and you have the option to accept the changes or not.

The prices are showed in Euros, and they don’t include any international fees or other fees made by our bank. This fees must be paid by you, in case they occur and I am not responsible for this.

Changes, Cancelations and Refunds of the Tours

You can only make changes before the CONFIRMATION of the booking.

If you want to make changes after the confirmation of the tour sent to you by email, you are not able to be reimbursed of this. 

In some specific cases you may request a change for a different date depending on many situations. in this situations get in touch with me, by email ( diogo.local.bestfriend@gmail.com explaining our situation.

After the confirmation email is sent to you, it’s NOT possible to cancel the tour.

Refunds are only available if something happens before and during the tour, caused by a lack of service

Your Documentation

When you book your tours with me, you give your personal information, so we can confirm that at your arrival. Please make sure you bring your personal ID documentations to be presented at the day of the tour.

Insurances, Losses and Responsibilities during the tours

During all the tours and the time you are with me, IT’S YOUR RESPONSABILITY  for your health, your loved ones, your belongs and for your behaviours during the tours.

You are responsible for your life and health, you must have personal insurances before you come to Portugal. In case of something goes wrong during the tours, you are insured by Civil Responsibilities, and Personal Accidents. 

I’m not responsible in any case of YOUR ACTIONS.

During the tours you are responsible for your actions. You are responsible for damages caused by you or your loved ones, inside/outside of the car used for the tours, and during all the visits we are going to make.

IMPORTANT: Inside of the vehicle you CAN’T smoke, bring animals, drink alcohol, or misconduct your actions an cause any kind of troubles. You CAN’T put any part of your body outside the windows. By doing this you are responsible for any accident that may occur because of your actions. 

If your behaviour is inopportune and dangerous to me and other travellers,  I am able to cancel the tour without any refund.